Big Dreams and Little Teapots


Sean Clinton waits by the kiln at the Vero Beach Museum of Art.

Potter and graphic designer Sean Clinton is reticent to talk about himself. He’s not shy, exactly; the tall 44 year old exudes a boyish enthusiasm when talking about art and life. Sean is the sort who would rather dwell on the accomplishments of others – his sons, Caden and Curren, now 13 and 10; his mentor, ceramic artist Harvey Sadow, and his students, past and present, who have studied ceramics with him at classes offered at the Vero Beach Museum of Art School.

While many people know him as an artist and teacher, Sean’s bread and butter is graphic design. Since 2001, he’s been self-employed as Sean Clinton Creative Services Inc., “a full-service design and advertising studio.” He came to town in 1994 to work as senior designer at a local firm, from his first job out of college, at a design firm in Orlando. A native of Greeley, Colo., Sean received a bachelor’s degree from the Rocky Mountain College of Design in Denver. He marvels at his round-trip career trajectory: “I grew up in a town very similar to Vero Beach, and I swore I’d never move back to a small town. As soon as I could, I got out of Greeley and moved to Boulder and lived there for six years. Then I moved to Orlando. How I ended up in a small town again, I don’t know.”

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