The Excellent Adventures of Rita Bernstein


Rita relaxes in her Sebastian home.

Rita Bernstein is a lot of things, a regular tossed salad of visual artist, educator, singer, storyteller, actress, dollmaker, icon painter, art collector, aromatherapist, chef and caterer.

In addition to her teaching gigs both near and far (Disney’s Vero Beach Resort, Indian River Charter High School, McKee Botanical Garden, Philadelphia’s Villanova University, the Ah Haa School for the Arts in Telluride), Rita keeps busy with several creative projects. Rita Silk Designs is her line of hand-dyed silks (scarves and sarongs, wall hangings, banners, religious vestments and even cakes – zero-calorie ones, made of silk and lace). Ritaroma Organic Essential Oils is an outgrowth of Rita’s study of aromatherapy.

And then there’s Play of Colors, a catch-all for Rita’s talent as a “celebration maker.” A natural at entertaining, she tells stories, sings songs, teaches crafts and sometimes appears as her alter ego, Rita Rabbit, in flower-trimmed hat, bunny ears and dainty gloves. In light of her diverse offerings, you might say that Rita is a cross between a fairy godmother and a expedition outfitter.

Read the entire article in the December 2009 issue

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