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Foote Prints In The Sand

Jon Foote, an established architect, didn’t set out to be a beach artist. It just happened.

Drawing On Inspiration

Meet ageless artist Barbara (“Everybody calls me Bobby”) Holleman, who has been drawing and painting for as long as she can remember.

Weaving Her Magic

The history of the cherished baskets, including how they got their name, is as fascinating as it is integral to the life of the residents of the former whaling community.

Flower of Chivalry

As VBMA’s director, Brady Roberts, notes, it is a collection that features “a broad range and so many different media — with so many iconic works.”

Adler’s Alchemy

The sold-out event, which benefitted educational programs and attracted new members, was such a success that a second “Fashion Meets Art” is scheduled to take place Feb. 27, with well-known American potter, designer and author Jonathan Adler taking center stage.

Flower Power

Barbara Kaytes, a highly respected and talented floral designer from the New York metropolitan area, moved to Windsor in 2016

Love Letters From The Sea

Created in the 19th century as souvenirs for lovelorn sailors to take home to their sweethearts, Sailors’ Valentines were fashioned from octagonal shadow boxes of mahogany and Spanish cedar inlaid with an intricate pattern of shells.

Painting Joy

Mellott, a storyteller at heart, captures the essence of her chosen subject, whether it be people, animals or flowers.

It’s Only Natural

Schwarze, who moved to Vero Beach this summer, spent 10 years on the tiny island of Culebra in the Caribbean, painting the beauty that surrounded him.

Water Works

Mary Louise O’Sullivan, a recognized Florida marine and wildlife artist, has a background steeped in art.

Starry Starry Nights

Photography exhibit at Vero Beach Museum of Art invites people to experience the sense of mystery and awe of astronomy.

The Fabric of Life

Textile Artist Maggy Rozycki Hiltner uses materials with a past to weave new stories.

Leaving a Mark

Deborah Gooch straddles abstraction and realism with ease and often uses both styles in one painting.

Art That Belongs In Another Realm

After living and working in cities here and abroad, artist Enrique Maza has found the setting and inspiration he has been looking for in a house in Palm Bay that he bought the first day a “for sale” sign was posted. Even though that was six months ago, many of his personal belongings remain packed in boxes since painting in his sun-splashed studio is Maza’s top priority.

The Art Of Teaching Art

The Museum Art School at the Vero Beach Museum of Art is one of the largest, museum-based, continuing education programs in the state. Serving some 1,800 students each year, the program invites a growing number of residents to discover the depth and breadth of its curriculum and have fun doing it.


Greg Hills, Australian-born photographer and now a resident of our area, visited the Great Barrier Reef and the Coral Sea this past winter – something he’s wanted to do for years.

The Art Of Cherishing Children

When you enter the galleries of the Vero Beach Museum of Art, you are just as likely to encounter a youngster sitting on a beanbag chair making art on an iPad as to see an equally absorbed adult studying a priceless painting. And you are just as likely to see a docent leading a tour of young mothers with tots in strollers as you are to see that docent conducting a tour for residents of a retirement community. While the docent may talk to the latter group about the exhibition in one way, she will engage the mothers in another way, emphasizing to them how to talk to their children about art.

Take The Plunge Into Poetry

Charlotte Terry remembers feeling some trepidation at the Laura (Riding) Jackson (LRJ) Foundation’s first Poetry & Barbeque in April 2010. “I worried nobody would come. So I was truly surprised when over 100 people arrived wanting to hear poetry,” says Terry, who still marvels at the full house – or tent in this case.

The Art of Discovery

Shortly before dawn with darkness still blanketing the beach, Dale Sorensen, Jr. has already positioned his tripod and camera waiting for the sun’s early rays to cast a glow over sky and sea. The realtor with a passion for photography has done his homework

Paul Pickel’s World Of Color

Paul Pickel, who runs the studio, is a second-generation stained-glass craftsman, but the techniques he uses date back more than a thousand years.




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