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Another Promise, Another School

Greg Mortenson wrote his best-selling Three Cups of Tea to document his humanitarian campaign to build schools in Central Asia thereby attempting to improve the appalling lack of education provided for girls.

Every Dream Has a Price

When Julianne Price and Teddy Floyd discovered that an elderly Gifford woman was living in her car, they knew they had to find out why.

Kirb-ing Local litter

Vivian Mosshart has never seen an empty tissue box she couldn’t transform into something useful.

A Positive Place for Kids

When the last school bell of the day rings at 3 p.m. nearly 18,000 children throughout the county leave their classrooms. Some head home where a parent or caregiver is waiting, some participate in an extracurricular program, and others go off to work – yet far too many are left on their own.

Surfin’ Incorporated

For many years, surfing has been prominent in our own home town, largely due to one of the Holy Grails of East Coast surfing: Sebastian Inlet. Some influences are more visible than others, but local icons of surfing are all among us.

Why Windsor Works

Nearly 420 acres of grapefruit groves stretched to the horizon when Canadian Galen Weston and his wife Hilary first set eyes on the property we know today as Windsor.

Right Place at the Wrong Time

Anthony DeChellis entered Saint Edward’s School in the fall of 1974 as a sixth grader. It was shortly after the DeChellis family moved from New Jersey, settled in The Moorings and enrolled the four boys in the school.

The Lonely Ghosts of Yeehaw Junction

The middle of the day, like the middle of the night, is when time goes slowly. This is when ozone is reaching its daily peak, contributing to the haze of late afternoon, and thunderstorms develop in the west, cumulonimbus clouds towering over each other until they shape themselves into an anvil, when lightning strikes start fires that smoke the horizon and turn pines into blackened stumps.

Mermaids of The Lagoon

Last summer, Robyn Swonger did what she does every morning before starting work on Royal Palm Pointe. She stood at the edge of the canal behind the spa she manages, intending to enjoy a few moments of the water, watching for wildlife, absorbing nature’s beauty. But this day bestowed a miracle beyond her wildest dreams.

The Harness Racers: Hot to Trot

There is a new breed in town. They’re young standard bred horses stabled and trained for harness racing across the U.S. and around the globe. Located on 60 acres west of downtown Vero Beach, these future pacers and trotters are enjoying a privileged lifestyle.

New Hope for the Homeless

What do you think of when you hear the words “soup bowl?” Shotsi Lajoie hopes the first thing that comes to mind is the Samaritan Center’s major fundraising event.

Summer Sojourn to a 400th-Year Fiesta

The fiesta has already started, but you’ve got an open invitation so don’t worry about being late.

Fishing For Fun and Profit

There is plenty of truth in that famous old Chinese proverb. And for nearly 30 years, Brian Williamson has been feeding people as a charter boat captain and owner of Vero Tackle & Marina, located below the foot of the Barber Bridge on the island side.

Little Island of Memories

On Sept. 29, 2007, a small group of former prisoners of war gathered on a tiny island in the Indian River just south of the Merrill Barber Bridge.

Attorney Tameika Jackson, For the Defense

Attorney Tameika Jackson likes to say that one of the reasons she entered her profession is because her teachers at Saint Edward’s School encouraged it.

Earth Day With A Difference

This year’s Earth Day, which celebrated the event’s 40th anniversary, meant something quite special at Beachland Elementary School.

Tea and Symphony

Leaning forward on the podium, Tom Servinsky points to the violin players and, on cue, strings soar above the other instruments.

When The Lonesome Whistle Blows

It’s not especially cheap at $753 – train fare plus a pair of earplugs – but a trip on Amtrak’s Silver Star from Winter Park, Fla., to Boston’s South Station certainly knocks pop culture sprawling.

Aw, Shucks! No More Oysters?

Oysters aren’t pretty. In fact, they are downright ugly. Gray. Slimy. And encased in a jagged, sharp shell. So why would anyone care whether or not these bottom-feeding bivalves survive?

Do You Know The Way to Felix’s Place?

Felix Fajardo spent 20 minutes outside a storefront on 43rd Avenue in Vero Beach debating whether to go in or forget it.




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