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Meanwhile, Back at the River Ranch…

Whenever Susan and Michael Marks of Vero Beach drove west across Florida on Route 60 to visit Mike’s brother and his family in Clearwater, they were impressed by the dramatic change in scenery and intrigued by a sign that said “Westgate River Ranch: The World’s Largest Dude Ranch.”

At War and Peace in the Cockpit

It’s hard to pinpoint when Jim Denmark’s leadership qualities started to emerge, or when he first set his sights on a career as an officer and aviator in the United States Navy.

Giving Guidance to the Givers

Champions of the Indian River Community Foundation admit that often their biggest challenge is helping people understand the concept of a community foundation.

Citrus Goes High Tech

My 6-year-old learned to play the game “Ha!” last week. If it’s been awhile since your last sleepover or kid’s birthday party, children lie on the floor in a stair-step formation, with heads on bellies. One child starts saying “ha” and within moments the laughter is viral and ringing the walls, whether you’re actually playing or not. In an era of micro-blogs and You Tube, it’s an old fashioned game with a resilient lesson – stick together with a common goal and goodwill will blossom.

Kids Helping Kids

It’s not every day you hear about a teenager who, with his friends, forms an advisory committee to support a non-profit organization, and two years later is honored with a Community Advocate of the Year Award. Yet if you’ve ever met 17-year-old Colby Lufkin you’ll know the depth of his commitment to Guardian ad Litem (GAL), a program that assists children who end up in dependency court. Any hope for a positive future lies in the hands of citizens who volunteer to become part of a court program, acting in the best interests of an assigned child.

Christmastime At Tara

Merry Christmas! If you’ve never visited Tara Plantation and been greeted by those words, be sure to do so this December. Since 1990, members of the Grall family have invited the public to share in the joy of the Christmas season, and this year promises to be the best ever.

Time for a Tea Party?

To listen to its followers, there are few nobler ideas on the current political spectrum than America’s newly minted Tea Party.

The Ocean Grill’s Night of Thrills

The devil himself could not conjure up a better masquerade than Halloween night at the Ocean Grill.

Making Waves with the Grady Bunch

Ah, the romance of boating. Gliding through the sparkling waters of the open sea or the Intra-coastal Waterway, or winding through Florida’s picturesque salt marshes is an experience like none other.

The Rhythm is Gonna Get You

When my husband Don and I moved north to Vero Beach from Miami, our introduction into the community was a gala. We noticed that something was different as soon as we picked up our table assignment.

A New Battle For the Caribbean

When The Nature Conservancy was founded in 1951, its primary focus was on protecting rare and endangered species.

Three Schools United

Consolidating Saint Edward’s Upper, Middle and Lower Schools onto one campus played a vital part in the financial restructuring of the private school. Beyond the fiscal considerations, however, the single-school model has helped to energize the administration and student body alike.

Fair Deal on the Fairways

Professional Roger Van Dyke retired he could have taken it easy, played a few rounds of golf with his buddies and called it a day.

How High Tech Can Fit You to a Tee

Want to drive a ball like Tiger Woods or Annika Sorenstam, or maybe just make more pars and birdies? There’s an app for that and it’s at a golf club near you.

The Man Who Couldn’t Retire

After a successful 21-year career advising high net-worth clients on life insurance and estate tax mitigation issues from offices in Florida, California and Pittsburgh, Bill Corry sold his business, and at age 44 retired. He could now kick back in the tranquil atmosphere of Vero Beach, which he and his wife Darcy love, and relax.

Two Hours and Plenty of TLC

When a co-worker invited Dee Giannotti to a Youth Guidance Christmas party she didn’t intend to become involved on a regular basis; volunteering occasionally at a group event maybe

Honoring The Divine In All Of Us

Feel depressed? Discouraged? Can’t sleep? Out of “sync” with family and friends? Try yoga!

In the Swim With Dick Cutrera

“My goal each time I give a swimming lesson is to prevent my student from becoming a drowning fatality,” says Dick Cutrera, a Vero Beach resident and founder of the Dick Cutrera School of Swimming. Dick has been teaching swimming for almost 60 years and has been involved with a variety of water sports since he attended the YMCA in Chicago at the age of 6.

“All You Need Is A Pocketknife & Palm Trees”

On a half-acre of occupied land in an unassuming neighborhood lies the Bibble Institute of Fine Art, the personal space and working studio of 56-year-old “Bibble” Irvin. The place, as he warns, is hard to miss.

Putting Its Trust in The Lagoon

“It’s good to be involved with something that’s bigger than you are, something that affects the lives of so many people,” says Higgins. “It’s easy to forget how important it is to preserve natural lands so that our children and their children will still be able to walk through the mangroves, see all of the butterflies, lizards, frogs and other creatures. Sometimes we take it all for granted and we really can’t afford to.”




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