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In The Garden

Some people abhor the thought of a black tie affair and avoid such events as they would a plague.

Making Sense Of Feng Shui

According to Nancilee Wydra, author of eight books about Feng Shui, the concept offers eight emotional benefits: personal empowerment, a positive future, strengthened relationships, a clear and dynamic legacy, expressing compassion, strong positive self-image, culling wisdom and gleaning the best from your personal past and health in physical, mental and spiritual areas.

In The Garden

Remember on Monty Python when they used to say: “And now for something completely different...”

Why We Love Live Oaks

Vero Beach is unique for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the fact that it straddles the Carolina temperate zone and the Caribbean subtropical zone.

Timeless Elegance In A Windsor Row House

They say that good things come to those who wait. Nancy Lesher will tell you it’s true.

From The Ocean To The Mountains

From the window of his home office, Charlie Sheehan looks down a steep mountain landscape toward a distant valley.

In The Garden

It’s not a pleasant subject but hey, somebody has to do the dirty work.

Beautiful Boundaries

Don’t hedge me in.

A Mediterranean Jewel In John’s Island

It’s amazing the wonders you can discover once you turn off a main road. In John’s Island there’s such a turn, one that takes you down a shadowed lane lined with rows of podocarpus columns, sculpted sentries surrounded by pink begonias.

A Pastoral Riverfront Landscape

When Jill and Paul Kaneb purchased a pristine property on the east side of the Indian River Lagoon, siting the residence and guest house was of paramount importance.

The MacTaggart’s Enchanting Garden

The Barry MacTaggarts found Vero Beach via a wildly circuitous route.

There Is A Season

When it comes to planting flowers in Florida, there appears to be some confusion, especially among transplanted northerners.

Callaway Gardens

What more propitious a place for a land trust meeting than Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain, Georgia?

A Short Primer on Hurricanes and your Landscape

When I was 5 years old and the eye-wall of Hurricane Betsey, 1965, hit my parents’ home in New Orleans, my most vivid memory of the storm was that my favorite pecan tree split in half and disappeared forever.

And The Winner Is…

Who better than a jeweler to recommend a gemstone purchase?

Holiday With The Hallstroms

God Jul! It’s a Merry Christmas at Hallstrom House where the halls have been decked, the tree trimmed and the table set.

A.M. in Toronto, P.M. in Vero Beach

After happily commuting between Toronto and Vero Beach for nearly 20 years, Canadian broadcaster Valerie Pringle looks back with a smile on her initial journey south.




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