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The new Essentials Les Naturels wallpaper collection from Belgian company Arte includes the Reverie Tropicale

Mural, Mural on the Wall

The perimeter of a room can set a mood, tell a story, or create an immersive experience
The decor reflects the enormity of the mahogany table it’s presented on, along with the size of the Hall of Giants at McKee Botanical Garden. Photo by Marion de Vogel

The Art of the Festive Holiday Tablescape

Table setting is an artful blend of practical tradition and freewheeling originality
Architect Ed Weber rotated the living area of the house on its cul-de-sac lot to take advantage of the river view. Photo by Aric Attas

One Good Turn in Vero Isles

Bob and Nikki Moses build a contemporary riverfront residence with a twist---literally
Ava Grayce Sanders 211116 Kelly Rogers Dsc3736

Galloping to Glory

While other girls were going shopping or heading to the beach, Vero Beach teenager Ava Grayce Sanders was with her friend, King, an 8-year-old quarter horse. The pair was practicing their lightning quick turns in the barrel racing arena that would send them to the top of the 2021 National High School Finals Rodeo in Nebraska.
Love Of Paws 210707 Kelly Rogers Img 7768

Labor of Love

The Mission of For the Love of Paws is simple: Helping pets helps people. The organization, co-founded by Ted Pankiewicz to honor his late daughter-in-law, was created to help seniors in need keep their pet companions by their side. It’s since grown to help families with pet food, fostering, and most recently raising funds to buy 30 pet oxygen kits for fire trucks to carry. Expansion is on the horizon, and three generations of Pankiewiczes have great plans for the future.
2021 01 21 Christiansiriano Book Celine 0485 Copy

Sartorial Star

Christian Siriano became Project Runway’s shining star in 2008 at age 22. Fast forward to today, and Siriano and his fashion designs will be the shining stars at Vero Beach Museum of Art February 23. He’ll be sharing his daring, beautiful dresses with patrons during the Fashion Meets Art gala.

Carpe Noctem: Seize the Night

The only hint that an astronomical observatory is in Terry Grage’s Vero Beach backyard is a sign on the outside of an aluminum shed that states “Mind’s Eye Observatory.” The astronomy bug bit Grage when he and a coworker were fascinated by a collision between a comet and Jupiter years ago. Several decades and telescopes later, Grage enjoys spending time in his observatory watching the skies and sharing his knowledge with others.
Gerald Pierone 211103 Kelly Rogers Dsc3560

Frontline Physician

Much loved community practitioner Dr. Gerald Pierone sprang into action when COVID-19 arrived in Vero Beach. Pierone, founder of Whole Family Health Center and the Pierone Research Institute, deployed these resources to save lives.
Ozizmir 212022 Molly Bartels Ozizmir House 0076 Copy

A Slice of Paradise

These Connecticut empty-nesters found the perfect spot to build their dream home in John's Island. "We love the people and the relaxed, low-key vibe; we really just fit in here," Nancy Ozizmir says.
Camp Haven

Working Wonders

Camp Haven, a nonprofit organization that receives no federal funding, opened its doors just seven years ago, and since then, more than 200 men in Indian River County have transformed their lives. Chuck Bradley, executive director, explains, "When residents graduate, they're gainfully employed and have a purpose; they have their lives back."

Ready, Set, Solve

Most of us think of solving crossword puzzles as a leisurely affair. We'll take you behind the scenes of the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament, where the most recent winner completed the final puzzle in three minutes flat. These serious solvers "represent a surprisingly wide range of background and occupations," and they come for the challenge and camaraderie.
Grand Harbor

Ain’t Life Grand?

Members of Grand Harbor Golf and Beach Club claim the people are the heart and soul of the club. Now those people are the club's owners, and it's a bright new day. Member Kathy Tonkel notes, "We are very optimistic and pleased with the direction the club is going."
Deborah Cotrone

Impressionist Immersion

"Vero Beach reminds me of the Florida I experienced as a child," notes Connecticut-based artist Deborah Cotrone. With a little help from a modern-day patron, she immersed herself in the community for three months, spent every day painting, and discovered her new muse.
Indian River Clay 210514 Kelly Rogers Dsc 0805

Claying for Keeps

Indian River Clay has found a new home on 16th Street, a building that couldn’t have been more made to order, where potters can use the new space to spread their artistic wings. Maria Sparsis agrees. “Clay people are different in that we like to work with other potters to encourage each other, to share what we’ve done. Our studio makes that all possible.”
Socttish Society Thompson Gregory 211019 Kelly Rogers Dsc 2559

Blest Be the Ties That Bind

Sylvia Gregory, president of the Scottish Society of the Treasure Coast, and Roy Thompson, president emeritus, agree that it’s time to look forward after a “year of quiet solitude.” While celebrating the group’s 25th anniversary this year, they are excited about what the future holds, and are eager to welcome new members who want to learn about Scotland and their heritage.
2021052527 Spectrum Verores 018

Best of Both Worlds

“When I think about Vero and my home there, I’m always smiling. There’s something about the similarity between Cohasset and Vero Beach — they’re both small and inviting, and the beauty of the ocean and nature can be seen everywhere … The way I see it, I have the best of both worlds,” smiles Andrea Wade. The Surf Club condo Wade chose as her new home is now fully renovated, decorated and breathtaking.
Somerset Millenia 2021 Holiday Ferragamo 06549

The Mall at Millenia Presents a Shoppable Holiday Guide

True to our DNA, we are taking fashion a step forward this season creating an entirely shoppable guide - just in time for the...
Croom Construction 210928 Kelly Rogers Dsc 1518

On the Level

“I’ve always loved it here. I worked for Croom Construction every summer and during school breaks since I was 13, but never really thought I’d return,” admits Charles Croom. But after 10 years working in Orlando, the move back to Vero Beach was the right thing for he and his wife Jennifer. “What was appealing to me when I decided to join the company my father started was to continue the legacy. I’m where I was meant to be.”
Shutterstock 453186499

Wise & Wonderful

Owls are known for their wise ways and keen eyesight, but did you know just how many different types of owls patrol our Vero Beach skies? Learn about the burrowing owl, barn owl, great horned owl, Eastern screech owl and barred owl, what makes them different from each other, their nesting habits, quirks and how we can help them thrive.
United Way Peterson Egan Schlitt 210927 Kelly Rogers Dsc 1359

Altruistic Alliances

Community Chests, United Funds and now the United Way. No matter the name over the years, the United Way of Indian River County has been supporting our residents for six decades.




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