Local Flavor

Kings of the Kitchen

A man in the kitchen often means one who makes toast and coffee for breakfast, or who is adept at the adjacent outdoor grill charcoaling something as uncomplicated as burgers and hot dogs or steaks custom-cooked to perfection – as long as everyone requested theirs medium rare.

Buy Local, Buy Fresh

Local and fresh are current buzzwords that connote quality and healthfulness, plus a boost to the local economy.

Romancing the Stove

Bestselling novelist Debbie Macomber was a cook long before she was a writer. And

Tour the World Without Leaving Vero Beach

Recently I experienced the sights and scents of plants from around the world.

Tuesdays with Marjory

The federal land office once called the Everglades “a pestilential swamp,” a forbidding morass too sickly and sterile to merit survey, better abandoned to the Indians and runaway slaves who sought sanctuary in its watery fastness.

Thanks For The Memories

It’s a scene played out dozens of times each night, seven nights a week, at Bobby’s Restaurant on Ocean Drive along the Beach.

A New Taste for Thanksgiving

What can we say about cooking a turkey on the feast of Thanksgiving that hasn’t already been said? Well, not much. But we can revisit the basics, and add some extra twists that might give your traditional holiday menu a delicious new perspective.

Chill, but Hot

Thai cuisine is popular fare in Vero Beach, transcending age, gender and background.

Make Family Fare A Family Affair

Many of today’s kids might be surprised to find that they like getting dirty and, with some planning, the whole family can have a fantastic time gardening. Even if you have a small area to use, you’ll still be able to squeeze in some attractive vegetable crops that should keep the kids interested.

Choice Ways To Chill Out

Soaring temperatures, high humidity, endless sunny days and tropical nights – that’s Vero Beach in the summer. Time to dress down, load up with sunscreen, and be thankful we live in a time when air conditioning is standard.

New Flavors for an Old Favorite

So you think cupcakes are just for kids? Well, think again! Today, cupcakes are a lot more than an easy treat to take to an elementary school birthday celebration or a holiday party. Oh, they are still that, but much, much more.

Do You Know The Way to Felix’s Place?

Felix Fajardo spent 20 minutes outside a storefront on 43rd Avenue in Vero Beach debating whether to go in or forget it.

The Wonderful World Of Southern Desserts

The panorama of Southern desserts includes all sorts of pastries, pies, cakes, custards, puddings, cookies and candies. They are made to satisfy the sweet tooth, but also – depending on the occasion – to comfort, cheer, celebrate and impress.

Local Brewer Goes to the Dogs

Beer has existed for millennia. Records of some of the world’s most ancient civilizations, including Egypt, Sumeria and Mesopotamia, document its preparation and consumption.

Hors D’oeuvres For All Occasions

Vero Beach’s high season for entertaining is officially here, and as the saying goes, “Let the festivities begin.”

Make Mine Tex-Mex!

Ole! It's time for Cinco de Mayo, the Mexican holiday celebrated on May 5 that commemorates the Mexican army’s victory over French forces in 1862.

“Cool” Cakes In A Hot Climate

An important aspect of a perfect wedding – and the sweet conclusion to the celebration – is the wedding cake. It can be elaborate and flamboyant or simple and chic.

Adding Savor To Your Salads

We consulted the head chefs of three of Vero Beach’s popular restaurants for their take on the goodness and versatility of salads.

Food Among The Flowers

Plan your next visit to McKee Botanical Garden around lunchtime. Then you can enjoy a treat beyond the lush blooming bromeliads, orchids and water lilies.




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