Local History

Cleveland the Snowbird

Florida’s Treasure Coast proved to be the perfect wintertime getaway for Grover Cleveland.

‘Sir Arthur’ of McKee

Visionary Arthur McKee founded his garden with Waldo Sexton in 1932, giving joy to thousands – and now to future generations.

120 years of the Giffords

The reputation is well-deserved, for the story of the Gifford family is a fascinating one.

The First Lady of Ocean Drive

Ocean Drive’s “first lady” almost single-handedly pioneered the beachside shopping district.

From Surfing the Internet to Surfing the Inlet

Reprinted from the January 1998 issue of Vero Beach Magazine:Back in the ’60s, the songs of the Beach Boys said it all. The surf...

Grand Dame of Riomar

Vero Beach Magazine revisits Villa Festiva, the landmark Vero home that graced our first cover 20 years ago.

Family Ties

For 77 years, building relationships has been a Maus family tradition.

Sundries, Celebrities & Small Town Charm

Today, over six decades later, Corey’s Pharmacy is still going strong at the same location on the corner of Ocean Drive and Easter Lily Lane.

The Prince of Sea Turtles

Dr. Carr’s work taught him to see the world through the eyes of other species. He was able to transcend science and reach out to the broader public with his eloquent writings and books on these mysterious sea creatures.

A Flower, A Family, And A Fight For A Name

Mrs. Joe W. (Anne) Michael is on a crusade to educate full and part time residents and visitors as to the correct name of Indian River County’s barrier island — Orchid Island.

Following in her Footsteps

When the founder of Indian River Hospital left to serve in World War II, a committed group of volunteers took charge of Indian River Hospital.

A Gentleman’s Collection

A special night at the Amelia Island concours saw Orin Smith’s storied classic automobile collection go up for auction.

Short But Sweet

Due to the speed of pineapple's growing cycle, it was a highly marketable product before orange and grapefruit trees were harvestable.

Moonshiners & Rum Runners

When Prohibition became the law of the land, many were still determined to enjoy a cocktail no matter what, and Florida played a major role in the illicit liquor trade.

Off Vero’s Beach: 1942

During the early months of 1942, German submarines, unopposed, ravaged shipping lines along the Eastern Seaboard from New England to Florida. With the demands of a two-ocean war, the Navy and Coast Guard initially had few resources to defend against U-boats.

A Passion To Change The Future

“You cannot live with people without loving them.” This simple-sounding philosophy inspired Harriet Bedell, born in 1875, to spend more than a half century living among and serving as a missionary to the Cheyenne in Oklahoma, the Koyukon in remote Alaska and the Seminoles in South Florida.

A Historic Gathering At Historic Dodgertown

Last November, three generations of O’Malleys gathered at Historic Dodgertown for their first-ever family reunion of such magnitude. Finding a time when the schedules of all 46 people jibed and getting everyone together in the same place at the same time was no simple feat; but if anyone could make it happen, it was the O’Malleys. After all, their family has a pretty impressive track record when it comes to uniting people.

Honoring The Past

Next season the Vero Beach Theatre Guild will perform “The Claypools of Vero,” Suzan’s play inspired by a chapter in her aunt Dorothy Fitch Penniston’s novel An Island in Time. The play follows Dorothy’s life in the 1920s when she came to Vero Beach with her parents. Dorothy’s parents and Suzan’s grandparents, Winchester and Florence Fitch, built “Orchid Oaks,” one of the first seven houses on the barrier island, and were among the founders of Riomar in 1919.

Family, Church and Community

This month, on May 10, Vero Heritage, Inc. honors the Wodtke family at the annual Pioneer Family Recognition Dinner.

A New Chapter To A Cherished Old Book

Can a place be both new and historic, both young and old, both blooming and deeply rooted? For the 80 acres that make up the sports complex now known as Historic Dodgertown in Vero Beach, the answer is yes.




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