Local History

A New Battle For the Caribbean

When The Nature Conservancy was founded in 1951, its primary focus was on protecting rare and endangered species.

A Story Of Three Bills

At 6366 20th Street in Vero Beach, there is a century-old safe that has endured two fires, a two-story fall and a 1,300-mile move. The safe sits in the back room of Bill’s TV, and it tells a fraction of the story of the Kaser family, who have been residents of Indian River County for over half a century.

A Long Tradition Of Girls In The Garden

With its exotic vegetation and primaeval vistas, McKee Botanical Garden has inspired generations of fashion and landscape photographers.

The Extraordinary Legacy Of Roy LoPresti

Among the 500 million people who watched Neil Armstrong take that first tentative step on the moon on June 20, 1969, was a tall, 40-year-old Italian-American named LeRoy (Roy) LoPresti.

The Hidden Treasure In Our Midst

For the past quarter-century, the Archive Center and Genealogy Department at the Indian River County Main Library, under the leadership of Pamela Cooper, has served as a treasure trove of historical information.

More Than One Way To Skin A Cat

Most schools, including those in what is today Indian River County, were one-room shacks built of palmetto logs where a pitcher pump in the yard provided the drinking water, and all subjects, except arithmetic and penmanship, were taught through oral recitation.




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