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Fireworks Reduced

A Bright and Bold Salute

Annual July Fourth fireworks displays recall the post-Revolutionary War optimism in the air during the early days of our republic.
Home Reduced

From the Ground Up

Robert Horne and Dottie Emmons Horne met later in life, but they are making their years together count. Nowhere is this more evident than in the vibrant Vero Beach home they designed and built together.
Artist Reduced

Capturing a Moment in Time

Artist Douglas David brings the same expertise to his teaching as he does to his painting, traveling from his home studio in Indianapolis annually to teach classes and workshops at the Museum Art School at Vero Beach Museum of Art.
Wedding Reduced

Prescription for a Perfect Match

The wedding of local Drs. Divya and Anand Haryani was a celebration of family and time-honored traditions.
Treasure Hunter July 20 Terry Shannon 2016 09 15 15.06.00

The Thrill of the Hunt

The lure of uncovering Spanish riches drew Terry Shannon onto local beaches with his metal detector. Now one of the area's most successful beach-based treasure hunters, he is often referred to as “legendary” or “the man!”

The Course of Nature

Pete Dye, who passed away earlier this year at the age of 94, was one of the world’s foremost golf architects.

Love Links Two Legacies

The MacWilliam-Sexton union is one of those “happily ever after” tales that began a century ago when their great-grandfathers, Waldo Sexton and Alex MacWilliam Sr., put down roots in Indian River County.
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There’s No Place Like …

On the Treasure Coast, at last count, 1,379 people have no place to call home. Of these, 26% are children.
Ceres 2

A Tale of Two Sea Turtles

What happens when a turtle is injured or sick? Hopefully, such a turtle may find itself at a place like the Brevard Zoo’s Sea Turtle Healing Center.

The State of Real Estate

Florida’s real estate market is robust, radiating good health in two important areas, according to the Florida Realtors Association.
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Hot Shots

Vero Beach Magazine is pleased to provide you with another opportunity to view these award-winning images.
Aisindians Website

The Lost Tribe of Indian River

At their peak, the Ais people fished and hunted, made pottery and tools, and even salvaged treasure — all in what is today the Vero Beach area.
Gyac Johns Island Website

Community Building

In 1996 the Gifford Youth Achievement Center was just a dream.

Putting on Airs

There are more than 3,500 known species of bromeliads in 75 genera, and “new” species are still being discovered in remote jungles.

From Homer to Hopper to Vero

“From Homer to Hopper: American Art from The Phillips Collection, Washington, D.C.” includes 65 works by American artists.
Haug House Website

Family Style

Noreen knew what she envisioned would become a reality when the time was right.
Childcare Resources Website

Lifting Up Lives

It’s been 20 years since a handful of John’s Island neighbors gathered around Ellie McCabe’s dining room table, intent on forming a foundation that would fund the capital needs of agencies serving economically disadvantaged Indian River County residents.
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Opportunity Knocks

Treasure Coast Technical College is one of 49 technical colleges or centers in Florida operating under the umbrella of its local school district.
Brabant Examining Honeycomb

Bee Mine

Some local beekeepers work with many hives, others with few, but all must be observant of the natural behavior of honeybees in order to be successful.
John Joe Ackermann Gopr9363

Deep Blue Bliss

Tatan Nelson, Master Scuba Instructor, is always comfortable in the water, be it as a scuba diver, a photography enthusiast taking shots of exotic sea creatures 60 feet down or as a skilled, graceful swimmer skimming on the surface of a lake or in the ocean.




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