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Teeing Off On An Environmental Treasure

If you were to make a list of good stewards of the environment, golf course superintendents might not immediately come to mind

Pipeline To Power

When Fellsmere’s Florida Organic Aquaculture announced on April 25 that their first crop of 500 million colossal, sushi-grade shrimp was nearly ready to go to market, they had a lot of people to thank for their success.

Five Cutting-Edge Golf Clubs

One of the five clubs included in the article is the Taylormade’s RBZ “RocketBallz” line that has been engineered to deliver the type of extreme distance Taylormade is known for.

Hit The Links In Style

Golf fashions offer brightly colored variations on the classics.

And The Winner Is…

Professional golfer Jackie Barenborg Stoelting is still getting used to being a celebrity. When she walked into a local restaurant the other day, several heads turned and a buzz of recognition began.

The Evolution Of An Artist

Linda Arnold, a member of the Windsor community for 13 years, has been painting luminous landscapes and shimmering seascapes for some 40 years.

Dessert First. Why Not?

If you’ve ever had a yearning to “get out of Dodge” without straying too far, you might want to amble over to the Kilted Mermaid for an unhurried, laidback evening of good food, good company and good entertainment.

Get Out and Ride!

When Hugh Aaron moved to Vero Beach in March of last year, one of the first things he did was check out the local biking scene.

One Magic Moment

“It was more magical than I could ever have imagined,” exclaims Marisa Seaman, speaking of her wedding to Frank Howard.

At Home On the Water

Like others who have chosen to call Vero Beach home, the couple from Chicago discovered our community by chance. Seeking an escape from the Windy City’s endless winters, they had looked at a number of sunny southern spots but none felt quite right.

A Day Of Luxury

There are so many full-service day spas in Vero Beach, how do you pick just one? Relax.

Feel The Rhythm Of The Music

If you happen to see an unusually large number of people toting violins, cellos, guitars, banjos and mandolins around town this month, don’t be surprised. In fact if you tag along behind them, you just might hear some pretty amazing music being played.

The Language Of Flowers

Did you know that flowers have a language all their own? Every culture has ascribed various meanings to herbs and flowers and endowed them with almost mystical qualities.

Return Of 1920s Glamour

Today’s brides are blessed with an abundance of riches in the styles and colors of wedding gowns that are available to them.

Going To The Chapel

“Most women, from the time they’re 10 years old, have some idea of what they want their wedding to look like,” says Fé Domenech of Florals by Fé. And according to Domenech and the many other wedding gurus we spoke to, Vero Beach lends itself to any fantasy.

With This Ring

The rings of modern brides are a far cry from the bands of braided grasses worn by Ancient Egyptian brides, a tradition thought to be the historical basis for today’s wedding rings.

The Little Shelter That Could

Looking into the beautiful blue eye of Precious, a black and white female border collie and hound mix, it is hard to understand the heartlessness of some humans. Once used as a hog-hunting dog, Precious sustained a serious injury to her left eye resulting in its removal.

A Little Jewel Of A Restaurant

Think Mediterranean cuisine and what comes to mind are dishes culled from the shores of the azure Mediterranean Sea. Low in saturated fat, rich in healthy oils, and packed with seafood and quality ingredients, this is a cuisine indigenous to nations steeped in a rich tapestry of culinary history.




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