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40 Years of Caring

In 1980, in a new, oak-canopied enclave known as John’s Island, Johnny Van Name brought 60 women together for the greater good.
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A Stroll on the Style Side

Attention fashionistas and art aficionados: Karen Loeffler and Melinda Cooper are once again co-chairing the Vero Beach Museum of Art’s annual Fashion Meets Art, and the Feb. 26 event promises to be bigger and brighter than ever as this time around the featured speaker is trend-setting author, designer and one of the founding editors of InStyle magazine Hal Rubenstein.
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Athleticism & Altruism

It’s been said that polo is not just a sport, it’s a way of living, and so it is for those who call Windsor home, where a polo field the size of nine official football fields is the scene of many a thrilling match.
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Smuggled Silver & Iron Cannons

The location of the Urca de Lima was rediscovered in the 1920s, when the remains of the ship were found off the coast of Fort Pierce.
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Tall, Loud, And Handsome

These qualities of cranes have been recognized for centuries
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Flying Wright

Vero Beach justifiably boasts of one of the most active general aviation communities in the nation.
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Colorful Language

With palette and brushes at her fingertips, Krupp lets her imagination soar as various shapes, squiggly lines and vibrant reds, blues and yellows literally dance across her canvases, telling tales she has dreamed about and wants to share.
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A Decade of Dedication

While Michael “Mike” Mersky may be stepping down as head of Saint Edward’s School at the end of the current school year, you can be sure he’s not slowing down, coasting toward his last day.
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A Living Trust

The work of the Land Trust is illustrative of the rich variety of habitats found in the Vero Beach area and the importance of preserving such places for the future.
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Small World

Despite Florida’s later start, Childcare Resources of Indian River, a sunny, immaculate and expanding early-care facility, only one easy block north of Miracle Mile, if you discount two cul-de-sacs and a blind alley, has provided for over 25 years the high-quality nurturing environment once suggested by Rousseau.
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The Power of Potential

“We realize this is where people live and work, and they want it to be part of their home. That’s what we want for this project.”
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Grand Parenting

But, rather than joining a golf club, taking a cruise or embarking on a leisurely cross-country trip in an RV, these grandparents are paying for braces.
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The Most Good

Ring, ring, ding, dong, ding — it’s that time of the year again when Salvation Army volunteers can be seen and heard ringing bells outside Publix, Walmart, the post office and other public places, their smiles as big as their hearts
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Backyard Percussionists

There is not a nature lover among us whose ears do not perk up at the sound of a drumming woodpecker.
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Living History

I arrived in Vero Beach with my parents, Kit and Sis Johnson, at age 3 in 1936.
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No Stone Unturned

Michael and Sandy Mandel moved to Vero Beach entirely by accident — though it turned out to be a fortuitous one.
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Visa Versa

As the universe is expanding at a faster pace, so is the planet Earth, undergoing a cultural if not economic globalization that is also accelerating at an unprecedented pace.
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Hitting Home

It can take the better part of a lifetime to fully embrace your legacy, especially such a storied one as Sharon Robinson’s.
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Green Is Good

Nature has been put at a distance, enjoyed in small doses outside the day-to-day demands of our civilized world.
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A Bounty Of Beauty

For over 20 years, Dennis Kass has been painstakingly collecting paintings that today comprise a varied and vibrant art collection.




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