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Tasting History

Now a resident of Vero Beach during the winter months, Taber looks back at the historic event, the ways in which it influenced winemaking, and his own journeys in the world of wine.
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The Science Of Success

Today, like a rocket that soars into a nighttime sky, Osceola Magnet School lights the way for its students to succeed in school and in life.
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A Moving Experience

On a Saturday morning in spring, after two and a half hours of defensive drills such as ground balls and fly balls in the infield, a convoy of 20 pickup trucks, each driven by a member of the Fighting Indians, Vero Beach High School’s varsity baseball team, arrived at a small one-story house in a development on the street behind Applebee’s.
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If I Had A Hammer

Since they hammered their first nail into place 20 years ago, members of The Moorings Habitat for Humanity volunteer crew have built 68 homes, contributed $8.4 million and thousands of man- and woman-hours, in effect making The Moorings Yacht and Country Club the local Habitat affiliate’s largest community partner.
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Top Billing

Around the world, when people think of the ibis, they often associate the bird with the civilization of ancient Egypt.
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Aiming High

After Will graduated from college, we wanted one more grand adventure together before he entered his true adult life, with all of its responsibilities.
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Going Bold

It didn’t take long for Cathy and Steve to fall in love with the John’s Island lifestyle and start thinking about having a place of their own there one day.
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Right On Hue

Thanks to her roommate from Skidmore College, Gracia and her husband, Bruce, were introduced to Vero Beach several years ago.
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Ancient Traditions, Living Artwork

These miniature trees are living works of art that may be handed down from generation to generation, carefully tended through centuries of history.
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A Lifelong Adventure

“At the start of every session we would meet in the classroom for a short period of time while the instructor taught us things we needed to know; then we would go out on the water to apply what we learned. I’m so glad we took those lessons!”

Power and Panache

Located in Vero Beach since 2016, the company maintains an ever-changing supply of approximately 50 rare and highly restored vehicles, available for sale to collectors and investors alike.
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Focal Point

For Pace, it has always been about protecting the habitat. If the right conditions exist, wildlife will thrive. Currently, his focus is on retirement, but he won’t be sitting in a chair binge-watching television shows.

Grover’s Glass

Grover Cleveland’s two favorite pastimes were fishing and drinking beer. And he did both as a snowbird in the late 1890s, just three miles north of the Pareidolia brewpub.
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The House Found Us

“I went along with Dennis, not thinking it would turn out to be anything we would seriously consider,” she muses. “Neither one of us had ever been to Vero Beach, so we had no idea what it was like.”

Confessions of a Surf Fisherman

It was the phone call I’d been waiting for: “Meet me at my house and we can fish for pompano from South Beach.”
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Rose-Colored Pastels

“I started coming up to Vero Beach to help a longtime friend who was renovating a property he inherited from his parents, and I remember thinking this is a really nice place. There was a wonderful museum, theater and not a lot of traffic. It was charming.”
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Mint Condition

Lakela’s mint is a severely endangered aromatic shrub whose only known habitat is a strip of land about 3 miles long and less than half a mile wide in northern St. Lucie and southern Indian River counties.
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From Cityscapes to Garden Breaks

“We found the plan, the architecture — really the whole thing — intriguing, but this was long before we were even thinking of buying a house in Florida,” Lisa Segalas shares. “However, what we saw in the pictures sent to us stuck in our minds for a couple of decades.”
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Sea Turtles Up Close

On a sunlit day on the Indian River Lagoon, scientists and students from the University of Central Florida’s Marine Turtle Research Group, working along with the Sea Turtle Conservancy, spend some time in field research. For them, the expedition is one day’s work in the midst of ongoing, long-term projects.

Boulevard Of Oaks

In the midst of the Second World War, in October 1943, members of the Indian River Garden Club voted to set aside $25 from their budget to plant an avenue of laurel oaks on Riverra Boulevard to honor the troops deployed in the war.




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