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A Bright Future

Stuart Hirstein is looking towards greater achievements for his students as head of Saint Edward’s School. “We aim to graduate students who will be prepared for college and beyond, who will be active and valuable citizens in their communities, and who exhibit the power of human kindness and a generosity of spirit,” Hirstein emphasizes. “Knowing how far we’ve come, and with an eye on where we’re going, I’m looking forward to a bright future!”
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In the Driver’s Seat

College and a budding career kept Jessica Linus Watford far from Florida, but when she was ready for something new, working at her family’s business for a summer seemed like the perfect way to plan her next move. It didn’t take long before she realized she not only liked the work she was doing at the Linus Cadillac Buick GMC dealership, but she was good at it.
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Burgers & Fries 2.0

Summer – or every season in Vero Beach – is a time for grilling and making easy meals. Eating healthy turkey burgers and roasting sweet potatoes gives a healthier twist to some old favorites. These tasty new recipes should encourage you to invite some friends over, fire up the grill and enjoy the simple pleasures of summer.

Crowning Achievement

As a second-generation farmer in Sebastian, Mark Dellerman was the first in his family to delve into pineapple farming. “I’m just a dirt farmer,” he says. “I like to provide a good-eating pineapple to the local community. I barely pay my expenses each year, but to be able to wake up and kick the dirt like I did all my life is a blessing … I couldn’t be any more blessed, being a dirt farmer.”
May Brandt June Martina Tannery Dsc 1178

Magical Moments

Nothing keeps Vero Beach resident May Brandt from painting — not gardening, taking enrichment courses, or spending time with her sisters, who visit often. That’s why on Wednesday mornings, she packs up her supplies, dons a hat, and heads out to meet up with fellow plein air artists.
Rungeliveoak Martina

Growing Champions

The National Register of Champion Trees, a program that began in 1940, recognizes extraordinary trees for what they are: champions. Four trees have been recognized locally, two at McKee Botanical Garden and two inside the city limits in Vero Beach, and Nanette Haynes, the city’s ground maintenance manager, wants you to look for more.
Lange Sykes Tannery 20210127 0705

Ship to Shore

Unable to find the type of shoe he needed, Vero Beach native Lange Sykes decided to build them himself, which is how Riomar Shoes was born. “It’s interesting — I wear my shoes every day and I continue to get compliments. I’m really proud to have founded this company here in my hometown of Vero Beach.“
Suzanne Leigh Story Martina Tannery Dsc 4666

Chain of Events

It wasn’t a planned passing of the torch from one generation to the next. Far from it. In fact, at one time, Suzanne Leigh-Vilas saw herself standing in front of a classroom instructing and inspiring students. Preparing lesson plans and grading papers would fill her after-school hours. “When I was in college, I never thought I’d be back in Vero Beach, let alone working here at the store. I’m really glad how things turned out. I’m happy here.”
Irgf Tannery 20210222 1181

Tees to Success

IRGF is introducing young players to the game while teaching them life skills. Our mission is to create programs and events that promote knowledge, player development and service in the game of golf,” PGA Life Member and Master Professional Roger Van Dyke explains. “Golf is not only fun, it teaches values and good manners and places honesty above winning. There’s no referee out there on the course to determine whether or not your shot was within the rules. It’s all up to you.”
Farnsworth John Farnsworth Martina Dsc 7136

A Zest for Excellence

John Farnsworth, the highly acclaimed executive chef at John’s Island, has been pleasing palates there for 25 of the 52 years he’s been working in the culinary arts. When asked about his plans for retirement, the 72-year-old shrugs and smiles. For now, the kitchens at the club are still “John’s” island.
Cecilia Wittbjer Felllsmere 3

Power Plant

At its current, 150-acre aquafarm in Fellsmere, Parabel can harvest 40 tons (before drying) of Lemnaceae per day during peak growing periods when the weather is warm, which is, obviously, most of the time here in Indian River County. The water lentil is capable of doubling itself every 24 to 36 hours.
Dji 0050x

Sail Away

“We had many friends, restaurants and activities we liked, and, of course, the beautiful beach,” says Rena. “How could we leave this wonderful place? The answer was to become possibly the only snowbirds from Turkey ..."
Photograph Of A Drawing By William Bartram Of Two Alligators In The St Johns River

Danger and Discovery

William Bartram traveled to Florida during the 1770s, coming from Pennsylvania and trekking as far south as Sebastian. A sign near Riverview Park in Sebastian marks the area as a site on what is today known as the William Bartram Trail. The sign commemorates his “great journey to study the flora, fauna and peoples of Florida.”
Vb Airport Tannery 20210127 0756

Plane Dealing

As Vero Beach continues to grow and move forward, our historic airport will, no doubt, continue to play a key role in the community.
Buzz And Alexiv Macwilliam Tannery 20210127 0637

Keeping It Real

So what does the future hold for the now-32-year-old who, as his father says, basically oversees every aspect of the business and is in the process of spearheading a new company initiative? Where does he see himself in five, 10, 15 years?

The Long Way Home

It took almost two years before the Bells finally found the perfect property in Central Beach. The problem was that it came complete with a classic 1950s cinder block house and carport. Both had to go.
Up Tannery 20210129 0526

Lifting Lives

“The impact UP has made throughout the last year is a true testament to our dedicated staff’s collective embodiment of our purpose, which is to inspire and empower people living in poverty to lift themselves and their families to economic self-sufficiency. Everyone here has a heart for the mission.”
Gardenclub Tannery 20200428 0392

Green Thumbs Up

Over the years, the Garden Club has been quietly beautifying Vero Beach, one project at a time.

A Spec Home Made Special

Whether they are planning their next pickleball game or kayak adventure, relaxing by the waterfront pool or enjoying happy hour on the balcony while watching dolphins cavort in their cove, Sally and Bruce Taylor are delighted they traded up to a “forever” second home in John’s Island that embraces their casual lifestyle and can grow with their grandchildren.
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Law in the Family

Vero Beach lawyer John M. Stewart has the reputation for tackling tough issues for the good of The Florida Bar and its members, even though they may be controversial.




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