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Vbm Photo Contest July21 V2

Vero Beach Magazine’s Inaugural Travel Photo Contest

  As the world slowly reopens, many minds are turning to travel – inspire fellow readers by sharing your favorite vacation photos in Vero Beach...
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Equatorial Adventure

Bird watching, Parque Historico, Ingapirca and the Andean mountains are all beautiful sites when traveling through the countryside of Ecuador. The Inca ruins in the clouded reaches of the Andes Mountains seems a world away from the tropical rainforest environment of Isla Santay on the Rio Guayas. Yet each is a part of the varied and beautiful land that is Ecuador.
Suzanne Leigh Story Martina Tannery Dsc 4666

Chain of Events

It wasn’t a planned passing of the torch from one generation to the next. Far from it. In fact, at one time, Suzanne Leigh-Vilas saw herself standing in front of a classroom instructing and inspiring students. Preparing lesson plans and grading papers would fill her after-school hours. “When I was in college, I never thought I’d be back in Vero Beach, let alone working here at the store. I’m really glad how things turned out. I’m happy here.”
Ab Michael 1895

Bridge to History

From his boyhood days bringing home fish for family dinners, to his youth as a schooner captain on the Indian River, to his decades of prosperity and accolades in the citrus industry, A.B. Michael’s life spanned Florida’s history, especially the history of Orchid Island. This island he loved had no bridges when he arrived in 1887. Now, a bridge to Orchid Island bears his name.
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Sail Away

“We had many friends, restaurants and activities we liked, and, of course, the beautiful beach,” says Rena. “How could we leave this wonderful place? The answer was to become possibly the only snowbirds from Turkey ..."
Luxe Wally Findlay Gallery 38

Impressions of a Living Legacy

In its 150-year history, Findlay Galleries has sold paintings by major artists, including Mary Cassatt, Salvador Dalí and Pablo Picasso. Along with their renown, these names speak to the range of artistic styles that Findlay Galleries has represented: from the French impressionism of Monet and the American Cassatt to the surrealism of Dalí to the cubism of Picasso.
Photograph Of A Drawing By William Bartram Of Two Alligators In The St Johns River

Danger and Discovery

William Bartram traveled to Florida during the 1770s, coming from Pennsylvania and trekking as far south as Sebastian. A sign near Riverview Park in Sebastian marks the area as a site on what is today known as the William Bartram Trail. The sign commemorates his “great journey to study the flora, fauna and peoples of Florida.”
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Plane Dealing

As Vero Beach continues to grow and move forward, our historic airport will, no doubt, continue to play a key role in the community.
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Lifting Lives

“The impact UP has made throughout the last year is a true testament to our dedicated staff’s collective embodiment of our purpose, which is to inspire and empower people living in poverty to lift themselves and their families to economic self-sufficiency. Everyone here has a heart for the mission.”
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The Sun Never Sets

Discover the age of British East Florida — a brief but colorful period in Floridian history.
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Law in the Family

Vero Beach lawyer John M. Stewart has the reputation for tackling tough issues for the good of The Florida Bar and its members, even though they may be controversial.
1977 13 Lakegeorgeandcaldwell Bychambers

Poetry of Nature

For VBMA Executive Director Brady Roberts, “Poetry of Nature” represents the fruition of long-standing plans. Shortly after his arrival at VBMA three years ago, he had reached out to his former colleague Linda S. Ferber, the New-York Historical Society’s museum director and executive vice president, about bringing Hudson River school paintings to Vero Beach.

Links to the Past

Florida's rich golfing history can be seen right here in Indian River Count, where 2 of our courses date back 100 years.
Reclining Dress Absence Detail 1

World of Glass

Meet Karen LaMonte, the artist behind the sculpture "Reclining Dress Absence" in the VBMA's permanent collection at VBMA.
Karen Loeffler And Melinda Cooper Fashion Meets Art Tannery 20210106 0184

Fashion Meets Art

Supermodel Kim Alexis will speak at Fashion Meets Art event, an occasion styled to encourage happiness and inspire imagination.
3 Laughing Dogs L To R Argus Sherma N And Sophie Circa 2012

The Canines of Commerce

These employees prefer wishbones, tennis balls and a ride home with the windows down as payment. Meet the Shop Dogs of Vero.
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Seeing the World

After living in various climates and showcasing his work around the globe, artist Maciek von Ato settled into the Vero Beach community and began creating.
 Monuments And Civic Adornment Courtesy Of Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council Juan Monument 03

Forecast: Vero Beach

20 years ago, we asked city and county planners to forecast 2020. We look at how they did and ask them about the future.
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The Evolution of Agriculture

A local company is planting a new idea and cultivating it into the next big thing.
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Terning Heads

To catch a glimpse of the amazing wildlife that call our area home, all you have to do is tern around.




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