A Different Kind Of Snowbird


Robert Snow enjoys traveling to Vero Beach every week to indulge in a few rounds of golf.

Dr. Robert Snow, an eminent neurosurgeon and resident of Windsor, has a two-pronged life. He practices medicine in New York City during a shortened week and spends long weekends playing golf in Vero Beach.

After 20 years of medical practice at Weill Cornell Medical Center in New York, Snow has worked out a viable routine that allows him to live alternately in two places in the winter months. His formula is simple: His weeks are divided neatly into three and a half days in New York City and three and a half in Vero Beach. This way, he gets to indulge equally in his two passions: medicine and golf.

When questioned about an early medical mentor, Snow says, “In junior high, I looked up to an uncle who had a Ph.D. in academic psychology from Stanford University. Early on, I set my sights on that profession.”

With that in mind, after undergraduate studies, Snow enrolled in a Ph.D. program at the University of Chicago that combined geriatrics and psychology.  Along the way, he taught academic psychology to students in a classroom and ministered to his aging patients in the hospital. He soon realized that he preferred dealing with patients in the hospital setting. After obtaining his Ph.D., he decided to enroll in medical school at Stanford. A dividend for Snow while at the University of Chicago was meeting his future wife, Margaret, who was also getting a Ph.D. in psychology.

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