A Lifelong Treasure Hunt


With a decorator’s touch, Sandy creates beautiful spaces, like this one in the living room, where on a coffee table gardening books wait to be thumbed through, and cushions in full bloom attest to her love of nature.

It’s early morning and Sandy How, savoring her first espresso of the day, looks out at her entrance garden and smiles. Blue, purple and white blossoms dance among a trio of topiaries shaped like a rabbit, pig and bear. Water flowing from a cherub’s parted lips into an oversize shell below provides soothing background music, and in the center of the garden a table with umbrella and chairs await a visitor. Thanks to Sandy’s artistic eye and tender loving care, the scene brings to mind a Monet painting.

Life is good for the enthusiastic gardener and energetic business owner whose three-bedroom home and two-bedroom guest cottage are a reflection of the delight she finds in giving her designing impulse free reign: a chest she bought at Vero Beach Museum of Art’s annual antique show, an oil painting of the Tuscan countryside, another of a Santa Fe street scene, fine porcelain, ceramics and exquisite crystal — all arranged beautifully and shared with her husband, Ted, whom she set eyes on in 10th grade and never looked at another.

Add a frisky but lovable puppy named Annabelle, her toys playfully scattered around the family room, to the mix and you wonder how Sandy, the owner of Loggia on the Beach, juggles it all. The answer is graciously and with a delightful sense humor, thanks to an optimistic outlook.

It’s that optimism that first introduced Sandy to Vero Beach several years ago.

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