A Passion For Paint: Tales From The Trenches


Since her move to Vero Beach six years ago, artist Susan Ferrara (shown here with “Bo”) has found scenes along Jungle Trail particularly captivating.

As one of the country’s best small “art towns,” Vero Beach is brimming with smart, creative and energetic people. Artsy types have been flocking here since the turn of the 20th century, though some didn’t fully blossom until after their arrival. Spending time in our quaint seaside municipality seems to feed the imagination as much as bigger and better known cultural meccas like New York City and Santa Fe.

Artists commonly heed the call with paint and easel. For many, women mostly, it is a singularly terrifying experience akin to giving birth. Learning to paint is a journey of self-discovery that with each revelation adds “uniqueness and personality” to the end product, says artist Susan Ferrara, who winters in the Marbrisa neighborhood. Her theory is that the urge to “keep creating” is in the DNA of the child-bearing sex, which would certainly help explain the lopsided female-to-male ratio in local art classes.

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