A Plant With Its Own Fan Club

Denise Ritchie

Bromeliads are colorful tropical plants that are easy to cultivate and care for, but too often overlooked by beginning gardeners. Sally Gawler, president of the Indian River Bromeliad Society, wants to change that. So do a growing number of members who meet the second Monday of every month at the Garden Club of Indian River County to learn from horticultural experts, exchange ideas and share bromeliad success stories.

Success wasn’t exactly how Sally would describe her introduction to the world of Bromeliaceae. “I’m a Pittsburgh gal and when I moved to Florida over 30 years ago, I literally killed the first two bromeliads I had. One I overwatered and drowned; the other burned up because I put it in full sun and it wanted shade,” admits Sally. “It’s about putting the right plant in the right place. If people tell me they have a black thumb, I tell them growing bromeliads is a no brainer.”

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