A Red, White and Blue Renewal


With windows now opening the vista, the lure of the marina is mesmerizing.

Walking into the dazzling white-walled sales office of The Moorings, a visitor’s eye is easily drawn to what’s behind the inviting reception counter. It’s the spectacular view, first of cruising and sport fishing yachts moored at the marina in Blunderbuss Bight waterway, and then to the expanse of the Indian River Lagoon and Intracoastal Waterway beyond.

If that’s not enough to give a quick read on what living in The Moorings is all about, just take a look at the colorful blowups on display that point to the myriad amenities offered in this ocean-to-river golf, tennis and boating community.

The lifestyle of The Moorings is what’s on sale here, and now the office itself, following a recent renovation, reflects that lifestyle in a much more polished fashion than it did before.

The main goal of the renovation was to freshen, brighten and declutter the main lobby, and through the joint vision and efforts of building owner Don Proctor, interior designer Rod Mickley and Moorings sales broker Marsha Sherry, they have achieved it. The exclamations of “Wow!” from the people who remember the previous look confirm this every day.

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