A Remodeled Retreat

Gilmore Exteriorfront02a
The Gillmores were delighted with the home's transformation, which expresses their personalities and lifestyle.


Clive Gillmore wasn’t looking to buy a house in John’s Island; he simply wanted to rent a place so his father, who lived in Connecticut, could spend an extended period of time seeing friends who called the private barrier island community home. It was to be a surprise Christmas present.

However, when Gillmore inquired about rental availability, he was told politely but firmly that rentals were discouraged in the private community. Bah, humbug.

Not being one to give up easily, Gillmore took a closer look at the fine print and discovered that rules preventing rentals could be eased if an individual was interested in purchasing a property. Of course, saying he was interested would obligate him to take a look at some of the houses on the market. He figured making his father happy was worth spending a little time house hunting.

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