A Tale of Two Sea Turtles

Ceres 2
Ceres, a green sea turtle, became stranded after experiencing buoyancy problems.

Here in Vero Beach, we all know about the amazing phenomenon of sea turtle nesting. A massive creature that spends most of her life in the ocean comes ashore one night and moves laboriously across the sand. She uses her flippers to dig a nest, lays the precious eggs and then carefully covers the nest. As she returns to the water’s edge, the effort required for her movement upon land seems to vanish away, and she slips gracefully back into her native element. Months later, the tiny sea turtle hatchlings peek up through the sand and make their way down the beach toward the sea that is calling them. The cycle of sea turtle life continues

That, at least, is how it is all supposed to work. But what happens when something in a sea turtle’s life goes wrong? What happens when a turtle is injured or sick?

Hopefully, such a turtle may find itself at a place like the Brevard Zoo’s Sea Turtle Healing Center. There, turtles receive medical care in the hopes that they can be returned to the wild with their health restored.

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