Art for Heart’s Sake


he artists of the Palm House Gallery are Emily Tremml (seated), Rick Kelly and Barbara Tiffany (right). The gallery’s registrar and event planner, Liz Mayo, stands at left.

Let’s face it. Artists have a bad rap as being notoriously inept at business. “What?” you say, with touching innocence in your voice. “But it’s true. Just try to picture Van Gogh creating a business plan, cajoling a customer or reading a balance sheet!”

In case you haven’t noticed, Vero Beach has seen a stereotype explode as artist-run galleries continue to proliferate here. One of the more recent arrivals is The Palm House Gallery & Studio at 3227A Ocean Drive  “upstairs and open by appointment or chance,” as the gallery’s web page advises.
Begun in Winter Park, the gallery was lovingly transplanted by artist Emily Tremml to Vero Beach after the back-to-back hurricanes of 2004. While Emily owns the business, she shares the walls and limelight with two other award-winning artists, Rick Kelly, and Orlando-based artist Barbara Tiffany, who teaches workshops at the gallery during the year. Budding artist Liz Mayo acts as the gallery’s registrar and event coordinator.

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