Capturing a Moment in Time

Artist Reduced
“Reflections of a Busy Day,” oil on canvas, 30 x 40 inches


As he walks along a beach crossover that stretches down to the sea just south of Fred Tuerk Drive, painter Douglas David pauses to set down his paint-spattered, 5-foot-tall easel, oil paints and canvas. He looks out at the expansive view in front of him and says, “Wow!” then, “This is gorgeous.”

The early morning sun bathes the scene in a soft glow and David surveys the deserted beach, the aquamarine ocean and the nearly clear, crystalline blue skies and exclaims, “Just look at this … It’s a perfect day for a painting.” As a series of waves crashes in against the beach and bubbles away into the sand, he spots a trio of brown pelicans gliding gracefully in formation above the sea. “Now this —” he says as his voice jumps an octave or two, “this is going to be fun.”

Over the next hour or so, he will work to capture this magical seascape onto a 48-by-30-inch linen canvas.

David, an award-winning, much-traveled painter whose home and studio is in Indianapolis, Indiana, is no stranger to the waters off Indian River Shores. Indeed, for each of the last 11 years he has taught a variety of painting and drawing classes and workshops at the Vero Beach Museum of Art’s Museum Art School.

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