Carpe Noctem: Seize the Night

Terry Grage views images from his telescope via video monitors inside his backyard shed, also known as Mind’s Eye Observatory.


Looking at Terry Grage’s modest home, you’d never guess there was an astronomical observatory in the backyard. Walking into his backyard, you still wouldn’t. There’s just a narrow swath of lawn, a few plants, and a meandering path that leads to a 12-by-20-foot aluminum shed.

But open the door to that shed and you’d find yourself in another world. This is Mind’s Eye Observatory, which is what Grage has dubbed his high-tech lair. Inside are computers, video monitors, star maps and posters, astronomy books, tools, cables, cameras, gauges, storage cases, and the centerpiece of the operation: a red-barreled 8-inch electronic telescope. Stowed nearby are two more telescopes, a 6-inch and a 12-inch. 

“This is where I come to decompress,” Grage says. He flips on a set of red lights and some otherworldly electronic music starts playing. The computer powers up and an array of seven video monitors comes to life.

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