Claying for Keeps

Indian River Clay 210514 Kelly Rogers Dsc 0805
Board members Maria Sparsis and Glenda Taylor work on projects during a morning at the Indian River Clay studio on 16th Street.


When was the first time you noticed the sign on 16th Street with the words “Indian River Clay”? It’s been there over a year, yet because of the pandemic, most of us were sheltered in place and missed seeing a former thrift store being transformed into a spacious clay studio. 

While we were Zooming, FaceTiming and baking banana bread, a handful of industrious potters were ripping out old carpeting, scrubbing floors, painting walls inside and out, hanging cabinetry, and installing free-standing display units throughout the 4,000-square-foot building. 

Their efforts have been nothing short of amazing, as you will see once you step inside. 

To the right, an instructor leads a class on hand-building techniques. At a nearby table, a seasoned potter applies glaze to a bowl, while seated across from her a kindred soul readies a sculpture for firing. 

Throughout the studio there’s an air of anticipation combined with an inspired sense of purpose.

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