Colorful Language

Jaredblais Barbarakrupp 190419 133335 Painting

Welcome to the creative world of Barbara Krupp, an artist who delights in painting abstract images that make you wonder and smile. With palette and brushes at her fingertips, Krupp lets her imagination soar as various shapes, squiggly lines and vibrant reds, blues and yellows literally dance across her canvases, telling tales she has dreamed about and wants to share.

“I have all these magical little stories up here; I see all these things happening that make my mind just go wild,” Krupp says, tapping her forehead as she gestures toward a colorful painting hanging on a wall in her studio.

Colorful is the operative word, as the prolific artist applies shades of every hue under the rainbow to her canvases, some as large as 72 by 108 inches.

That’s another thing about Krupp: She thinks big.

To see for yourself, head west to the new Graduate and Health Studies Building on the campus of the University of Tampa, where one of the first things you’ll see upon entering the lobby is a painting titled “Breath of Immortality.” At 5 feet high and 15 feet wide, you can’t miss it.

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