Deep Blue Bliss

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Tatan Nelson

John Ackermann arranged for Nelson to teach his grandson Joe to dive. They plan to explore diving locations around the world.

Tatan Nelson, Master Scuba Instructor, is always comfortable in the water, be it as a scuba diver, a photography enthusiast taking shots of exotic sea creatures 60 feet down or as a skilled, graceful swimmer skimming on the surface of a lake or in the ocean.

Nelson hails from West Plains,
Missouri, near the Ozark National Forest. She learned to swim and scuba dive at an early age. As a youngster she participated competitively in local swim matches, excelling in the freestyle stroke.

In the summers, she journeyed with her family to areas of Missouri near the Arkansas border that abound with lakes and quarries. One cave, the largest man-made cave in the world, is in Bonne Terre, Missouri; it dates from 1860. It’s also the largest venue for freshwater scuba diving in the world and one of Nelson’s favorites.

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