Designing Women

Tiffani Buckley, Deb Daly, Sayre Schwiering, Donna Mehalko, Sherry Cauley, Erinn Deri and Elizabeth Read Pusser celebrate the group’s inaugural holiday stroll to benefit Quail Valley Charities.

When women band together, they’re unstoppable — and with seven local women-owned-and-operated stores joining forces grassroots-style to launch a neighborhood, this time they’re out to change the face of the city.

Concentrated in an area they believe has immense potential, 10 enterprising business owners are creating what’s been dubbed the Vero Design District, a multi-block stretch of historic downtown Vero Beach that’s poised to evolve into a lifestyle destination for home design, shopping and more.

Their backgrounds vary from interior design to advertising, event planning, florals, branding, illustration, merchandising, furniture, media strategy, staging and project management. Like their stores, these women are diverse, but they share a common thread of creativity, ambition and warm hospitality. To date, the district features seven stores: Decor Envy, Decorative Arts, D&E Design & Experience, Hazel House, Lara’s Theme, Market and Oodles of Wallpaper.

“What we are trying to do is use everyone’s talents and strengths to collaborate together,” explains Erinn Deri, co-owner of D&E Design & Experience, who has spearheaded the Design District initiative. “We have an eclectic group of women with unique talents that in this instance came together to create this district. We are hoping to only add new talent to the area — drive new shops and businesses to the district and just keep growing, both creatively and professionally.”

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