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Noreen Haug’s face lights up every time she hears spontaneous giggles and the sound of small feet scurrying about the two-story waterfront home she and her husband, Ed, had custom built in John’s Island. Their children, children’s spouses and four grandchildren, 11 months to 10 years of age, are once again in residence, filling the places and spaces designed with them in mind.

While the Haugs had never built a house from the ground up before, Noreen had ideas about how she wanted it to look and feel, as over the years she had collected photos of furnishings, fixtures and finishes that appealed to her. She also kept notes about her family’s favorite things that needed to be included in the overall design and decor.

There would be bunk beds, a pool table and a place where the family’s treasured sea glass collection could be displayed. There would be daisies, sea horses and fish swimming on a bright blue ceiling.

Noreen knew what she envisioned would become a reality when the time was right. Until then, their oceanfront condo served them well. Life was good.

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