Fits To A Tee


With the exception of a few treasured family pieces, the Gallaghers opted for new furnishings that reflected their desire to “start fresh.” Subtle shades of sky blue, white and celadon reign, as do textures and organic touches.

For over 40 years Janet and Dave Gallagher and their children enjoyed spending time with her parents in John’s Island. For the Atlanta couple and their three offspring, school vacations and holiday time translated to Vero Beach time. There were hugs to be shared, gifts to be exchanged, tales to be told, and above all, moments spent together to be cherished.

When Janet’s parents passed away, the house they had built in 1985 became hers — no strings attached. They had made it clear their daughter and her husband could do whatever they wanted: They could renovate, sell, or tear it down and rebuild; it was up to them.

Before making their decision Janet and Dave looked at homes for sale in other barrier island communities, but at the end of the day they always found themselves coming back to John’s Island.

The familiar surroundings and relationships formed over the years appealed to them. So did the three 18-hole championship golf courses. Both Janet and Dave are avid players, and their new home has a wide-angle view of the South Course’s 16th fairway. The prime location and sentimental tugs couldn’t be ignored.

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