Flower Power


On a quail hunt in Texas, Kaytes found this songbird’s nest and paired it with an orange anthurium. In her spare time, she enjoys creating odd fanciful pieces.

Floral design is the art of using flowers and plant material to create a pleasing and balanced composition. The elements of floral design are line, form, texture, space and color; the principles of design are balance, proportion, rhythm, contrast, harmony and unity. These artistic designs appear in floral arrangements at flower shows, museums and private functions. At times, floral designers also employ metal, wood, glass, plastic and other materials in their arrangements.

Barbara Kaytes, a highly respected and talented floral designer from the New York metropolitan area, moved to Windsor in 2016. She enjoys the artistic and architectural riches that Windsor offers, and she has participated in various local events at the Vero Beach Museum of Art.

Far from being a mere profession, floral design is a passion for Kaytes. It influences and colors her entire world.

She says, “The principles and elements of design affect my whole life: how I look at interior and exterior spaces and decorate or plant them, how I aesthetically deal with every phase of life, even how I plate food and dress are effected by floral design principles.”

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