Flying Wright

Faa Safety Omphoto 7

Vero Beach justifiably boasts of one of the most active general aviation communities in the nation. The small town is home to FlightSafety International Academy and Paris Air flight schools, Piper Aircraft and an airport that is, by sheer numbers of takeoffs and landings, the eighth busiest in Florida and the 41st busiest in the nation.

Now add to this mix of aeronautic power a group of dedicated volunteers with knowledge and experience that runs wide and deep, whose mission it is to reduce risk and increase the level of safety in aviation operations. And what you have is a remarkable safety record among the pilots who fly out of the Vero Beach Regional Airport every day.

This cadre of 18 aviation stalwarts make up the Treasure Coast FAASTeam, or FAA Safety Team. The group was organized in 2006 as an outreach of the Federal Aviation Administration to promote safety and prevent accidents. The team members do this by scheduling monthly seminars to educate — and also remind — pilots, mechanics and others in the aviation community of vital safety issues. And their message is being heard.

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