From Cityscapes to Garden Breaks

Segales Courtyard02cover

The Segalas home was intended as a tropical getaway from the family’s life in New York City, so outdoor living is of paramount importance. The spacious loggia is the perfect place for reading, dining and relaxing.

Like many residents of Vero Beach, the Segalas family was drawn to the area for the reprieve it provides from the concrete and chaos of life up North. The New York City-based family finds that regular trips to their renovated home at Windsor seem to cure whatever ails them.

Though their seasonal migration south was not an immediate one — the Segalases were first introduced to Windsor by a relative 20 years ago, yet have owned a home there for only four — the allure of the tropics, coupled with Windsor’s new urbanist approach to resort-style living, eventually proved too strong to resist.

“We found the plan, the architecture — really the whole thing — intriguing, but this was long before we were even thinking of buying a house in Florida,” Lisa Segalas shares. “However, what we saw in the pictures sent to us stuck in our minds for a couple of decades.”

Years later, when the Segalas family had grown to a party of six, Windsor appeared on their radar once again. “One of our sons had baseball camp in the area, so we decided to go take a look at Windsor, and we immediately fell in love,” Segalas says. “We brought three of our four children with us, and seeing them run around outside freely really struck us. We weren’t really in the market, but we decided to take a look at a couple of houses anyway.

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