From Dark To Light


Spectrum redesigned the fireplace surround and mantle and elongated the side niches to showcase Deb’s treasured Etruscan majolica collection. The painting above the mantle, selected for its soft, natural color palette and nod to the beach, is from a local gallery.

Owning a home in Florida was the furthest thing from Rich and Deb’s minds. To their way of thinking, the Sunshine State was for retirees who had a lot of free time on their hands. They were far too busy juggling work responsibilities and family activities. Yet after visiting friends who had discovered Vero Beach a few years earlier, the couple from Connecticut began to look at things differently.

“We could see why our friends love it here so much. It’s not at all what we thought living in Florida would be like. There are so many wonderful things to do, and everyone is so friendly,” Deb says. “When we told our three kids we were thinking of buying a house in Florida, they were surprised.”

So was Rich. “I was in the same camp of saying I’ll never live in Florida, but we really liked being here, so we started looking around. Because we’re not here full time, we wanted to be in a community where we could make friends easily and play a lot of golf. It was kind of like the ‘Goldilocks’ effect. One community was too small, another was too big. This neighborhood was just the right size for us.” 

The same can be said about their four-bedroom house. With frequent visits from their children and grandchildren, who take over the two bedrooms and a sitting area over the garage, the fit proved to be perfect. So did the view. “We liked the fact that we were able to look out and see the golf course without it being right in our laps,” says Rich, referring to the waterway that runs between their property and a green stretch of fairway. 

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