Frontline Physician

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Dr. Gerald Pierone has been at the forefront of researching and treating infectious diseases since the onset of the AIDS epidemic in the 198Os.


Mention Dr. Gerald Pierone’s name and you are likely to hear a chorus of praise. For more than three decades, he has touched, saved and enhanced lives throughout the Treasure Coast and beyond with his unique blend of compassion, tenacity and talent.   

“Dr. Pierone is a community treasure,” says Brian Kroh of Vero Beach. “He is passionate about improving the lives of everyone he encounters, regardless of their lifestyle or financial status. He treats people locally, regionally, and in other countries with a drive to make people’s lives better.”

“When I arrived in Vero Beach 25 years ago,” Kroh recalls, “I asked Hugh McCrystal, former chief of staff at Indian River Hospital, for a general practitioner recommendation. He said, ‘Give Gerry Pierone’s office a call. He is an extremely capable doctor about your age who you can grow up with.’ Following that advice, I was lucky enough to have both a family practitioner and a highly regarded infectious disease specialist to take care of my general health needs. 

“Little did I know at the time that 25 years later I would need Dr. Pierone’s infectious disease expertise when I contracted COVID-19. His medical acumen has been a vehicle for him to help make this world a better place. He does it with grace, confidence and compassion.”

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