Get Out and Ride!


On Sunday mornings a group of Vero Cycling enthusiasts takes to the open road. a year ago, membership has Since the club was organized grown from a handful of cyclists to over 170.

When Hugh Aaron moved to Vero Beach in March of last year, one of the first things he did was check out the local biking scene. As past president of a thousand-plus-member cycling club in Richmond, Va. and someone who enjoys group rides, he was looking forward to peddling with like-minded cyclists. What he found instead were bikers of various levels and abilities riding together in randomly organized groups.

That would soon change. Hugh was about to meet Giorgio Res who was in the process of forming Vero Cycling Inc. The club includes cyclists of all levels, promotes safe cycling, and encourages respect among cyclists and non-cyclists alike. The two men clicked. Hugh’s organizational experience combined with Giorgio’s knowledge of the biking community put all of the pieces in place.

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