Going Through The Hoops


The classic game of Association and America 6 wicket croquet can be rather tedious for a beginner. If you muff your first shot, you can spend the rest of the match watching your opponent win. Although it may be helpful to observe his technique, it’s more fun to take part according to Len Canavan, tennis and croquet pro at one of Vero Beach’s premier country clubs.

The game he favors is known as Golf Croquet, a much more active and aggressive sport, in which it is just as important to knock your opponent’s ball away as it is to go through the hoops.

We all remember our backyard croquet games, standing on a wooden ball and whacking it so that the other guy’s ball sails into the woods. (Okay, admit it, how many times did you whack your own foot?) We graduated to the oxymoronic “friendly grudge matches,” with a couple of glasses of wine making them more moronic than oxy.

Read the entire article in the January 2004 issue

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