Home Is Where The Art Is


Former ad man Carl Nichols built his studio on the north side of his John’s Island home, which provided the right mix of natural and simulated light.

It is hard to pin down what sparks that creative charge inside our brain. Scientists estimate that we only use about 10 percent of our creative gray matter. Yet, it’s doubtful that percentage applies to the artistic community that thrives in Vero Beach. Over the years, Vero Beach has become a magnet for culture and the arts. Dozens of artists, both professional and amateur, have flocked to this small city at the northern tip of the Treasure Coast. The attraction could have a lot to do with the natural beauty of the Indian River or the unspoiled stretches of sand along Orchid Island or the old Florida, cracker-style pastures and groves that cover western Indian River County. It may also be the city’s enduring commitment to the arts, as seen clearly by the support and growth of the Center for the Arts. Whatever the attraction may be, artists draw inspiration and tap into their creative subconscious in various ways. And it usually begins inside the studio.

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