Honoring The Divine In All Of Us


“Yoga is a form of cross-training,” explains Living Yoga owner Elise Mahovlich. “It relieves stress while strengthening the muscles.”

Feel depressed? Discouraged? Can’t sleep? Out of “sync” with family and friends? Try yoga!

Does this sound like a prime-time television ad promoting the latest over-the-counter cure-all? Maybe. But over the past five years, yoga has become one of the fastest growing prescriptions for relieving stress in these disquieting times. If you do try it, you will be joining an
increasing number of your neighbors on the Treasure Coast.

Yoga, which has been around for 5,000 years, is a tradition that prescribes a course of physical and mental disciplines. In Sanskrit, the word means “yoke” or “to join,” a bringing together of mind and body.

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