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Carl Hiaasen with his newest novel, Basket Case.

Few writers have had such an impact on the way knowledgeable Floridians view their state as Carl Hiaasen, whose wickedly funny takes on Florida’s foibles and follies have been the basis of eight best-selling novels, including Lucky You, Sick Puppy, Stormy Weather and Striptease. But as all Hiaasen devotees know, there’s a lot more to his books than laughs: the author is genuinely outraged by what he perceives as the wanton destruction of our state’s natural beauty, and uses sly humor as his vehicle of attack on the politicians, businessmen, developers and lawyers he holds responsible.

As a fourth-generation Floridian, Hiaasen may have more reason than most of us to be angry. Born in Fort Lauderdale 48 years ago, he attended Plantation High, where – an arbiter of things to come – he launched an underground paper called More Trash.

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