Jeweled Impressions


Linda Drinkard says that creating jewelry is a labor of love. She uses her worldwide collection of shells, semi-precious stones, glass beads and coral to make custom pieces for her clients.

Linda Drinkard didn’t realize what was coming when she walked into Shells & Things about seven years ago. She’d left her house wearing the first necklace she’d ever made – a simple shell coated in silver clay, accented with a starfish. When she walked into the beachside boutique, the owner wanted to know where her new customer had bought her necklace, and Linda shyly revealed that she’d made it. 

“And then I had anywhere from 20 to 50 pieces in the shop,” says Linda today from Jeweled Impressions, her home-based store and studio in Vero Beach. There isn’t a hint of hesitation in her voice as she opens drawer upon drawer of shells, pearls and beads she’s collected from all over the world; countless necklaces, bracelets and earrings she’s custom-made; and finally, examples of her latest passion – glass. She takes the time to describe each piece; and even though she knows each one intimately because she’s taken it from inspiration to completion, her eyes shine like she’s seeing each one for the first time. 

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