King of Wines and Wine of Kings


Barolo wine is made in the small town of Barolo in the Langhe region of Piedmont in northern Italy.

It is often said that making great wine is an art. And when it comes to a wine like Barolo, that is not hyperbole. In fact, as one of the noblest wines of Italy — a land of great art and great wine — Barolo is a masterpiece.

Barolo is a dry red wine with rich and intensely spicy characteristics. Intriguingly, while many great wines are made by blending several varieties of grapes, Barolo is made from only a single variety: Nebbiolo. In a sense, that gives a minimalist quality to this example of winemaking as art; a winemaker producing Barolo is using only one variety of grape but creating a wine as deep and complex as any renowned blend. At the same time, the flavors of Barolo are anything but minimalist. This wine is full-bodied and full-flavored.

Barolo hails from the Langhe district in the region of Piedmont in northwestern Italy. The name Piedmont comes from a Latin phrase meaning “at the foot of the mountains,” and, indeed, Piedmont borders France and Switzerland. You can think about the landscape of Piedmont this way: If you are traveling north, it’s the last place that you’re going to find olive trees; but you will also find hazelnut trees, and with the help of a specially trained hound, you might be able to dig up some white truffles.

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