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Generous funding made it possible to hire Gerrod Miller, Community Partnership School director, and Earldesha Crosdale, family and community engagement coordinator. Dale Jacobs is chairman of the board of Children's Home Society of Florida.


The saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” So, picture this: a school hallway with lockers in the background and two young children in front. One child walks briskly by, toting a tiny backpack. The other child struggles, lugging several heavy suitcases labeled “hunger,” “sickness” and “trauma” — all baggage of poverty. 

It’s easy to guess which child will have the more productive day in the classroom.

Dodgertown Elementary School in Gifford is a Title I school in Indian River County with an exceptionally high percentage of students from low-income families. Many, unfortunately, face obstacles that prevent them from fully engaging in learning.  

However, Dodgertown Elementary has been designated as a Community Partnership School, part of a 25-year project to address barriers to education by providing needed resources to lift up the students, then their families, and ultimately the Gifford community.

The Community Partnership Schools model is a proven success nationally and in multiple school districts in the state of Florida.

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