Living With Art


On a sunny afternoon, with rays of light shining through the windows, Virginia Knapp leans back on a sofa, crosses her long legs and smiles. For the moment she’s relaxed, content to be surrounded by several of the unusual art objects she’s collected over the years. It’s only when she ponders the problem of space that the smile begins to fade.

“I really need to do something. I’ve run out of room and I’m nowhere near finished collecting,” she says, her smoky voice laced with laughter.

Knapp, an elegant and gracious woman with a enviable style all her own, is a confessed collector who sees absolutely no reason whatsoever to give up her passion just because the 4,900-square-foot house she and her husband Tom live in is full to the brim with her finds. There are carefully placed paintings, engravings and sculptures in every room, hallway, bath, closet, yes, even the garage.

Read the entire article in the Summer 2002 issue

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