Making Plans

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Many Pocket the Date users report that they would be lost without it. The pockets can be used as both a compact chronological filing system and a tool for staying one step ahead of upcoming birthdays and other card-sending occasions.


For Vero Beach resident Lyn Kennedy, being organized and keeping things in their places have been top priorities since childhood. Her careers in teaching and decorating demanded nothing less. But when it came to the perfect planning calendar, she couldn’t find exactly what she was looking for. So she devised one of her own. 

The calendar became her colorful Pocket the Date, which she has produced and marketed for the past decade with remarkable success.

“I first used a Month-at-a-Glance calendar that I bought at Staples and added dividers with pockets and put everything in a notebook. Friends saw it and asked me to make one for them. And that’s how it all started,” Kennedy says.

She worked with several printers, and after some tweaking, she added a laminated cover in lush colors that she vowed to change each year, worked out the price point and started selling it. Today she retails the calendar through her website and wholesales it to about 50 hand-selected stores throughout the country. Locally, Pocket the Date calendars are available at such stores as Loggia, Noteworthy By Design and Vero Beach Book Center.

Pocket the Date has all the usual aspects of a standard appointment calendar, with space for notes, phone numbers and addresses. But it also features a built-in pocket behind every month of the year. Depending on the user, the calendar serves as a multipurpose filing system for items pertinent to that month: bills, receipts, invitations, birthday cards to be sent, order forms, theater tickets, you name it — all held together by a color-coordinated elastic band.

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