On the Level

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David and Charles Croom believe that the relationships and trust they have built with clients is the best measure of their success. Combined, the pair has invested more than 60 years with Croom Construction.


It all boiled down to family.” Those were the words Charles Croom said 17 years ago when asked why he made the decision to join his father, David, and become part of Croom Construction Company. At the time, he was a shareholder in one of the nation’s largest commercial construction firms, living and working in the greater Orlando area. All was going well.  

“I had been with Brasfield & Gorrie for close to 10 years and had just received a big promotion. My career path was set,” says Croom, smiling as he reflects on the past.

“Right after the 2004 hurricanes, my dad came up to Orlando and over dinner approached me about joining the company. It was totally unexpected. He said there was a position opening up in operations; it was mine if I wanted to consider it.

“My wife, Jennifer, and I had many conversations, as there were a lot of things we needed to consider. Our two children were young. It took us six months to make the decision to move back to Vero Beach, where I grew up. Jennifer was 100% on board and we both felt it was the best outcome long term for our family. 

“I’ve always loved it here. I worked for Croom Construction every summer and during school breaks since I was 13, but never really thought I’d return. It was a tough choice at the time,” Croom readily admits.

Once the choice was made, things moved at a fast clip, with more than a few learning curves thrown in, making things interesting. 

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