One Smart Cookie

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In addition to decorating cookies with her own imaginative designs, Amy Mallouk creates holiday- and party-themed treats, and even personalizes cookies with images from customers’ photos.


Ah, there’s nothing like the sweet smell of cookies fresh from the oven, especially those made by Amy Mallouk, whose creative confections are edible works of art suitable for framing. They’re also tasty, as you’ll find out when you take the first bite. Pure bliss.

Welcome to Mallookie’s Cookies and entrepreneur Amy Mallouk, whose happy place is the kitchen, where she surrounds herself with ingredients, mixing bowls, cookie cutters, baking sheets, a rolling pin, parchment paper and piping tubes filled with colored frostings. For the next several hours she will shape, bake and decorate dozens of cookies.

Depending on the occasion, the result might take the form of rows of pastel petals, footprints in the sand, wheelbarrows filled with fanciful flowers, watering cans, eggs, llamas, bunnies, cars, cacti, baby bibs and rattles, rainbows, slices of pie, and an occasional hot dog in a bun. The list goes on and on.

Once you’ve seen Mallouk’s imaginative designs, you’ll never be able to look an ordinary cookie in the face again.

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