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The small, welcoming terminal belies the busy nature of the airport.


Vero Beach Regional Airport might exhibit a low-key presence in the community, but in reality it is one of Indian River County’s most important economic engines.

A look at the airport today and the facts provided by the Florida Department of Transportation may surprise many residents whose experience with the airport is minimal. Vero Beach Regional Airport and the businesses that operate within its 1,700-acre property, located just over 2 miles from downtown Vero Beach, account for 5,522 jobs, an annual payroll of over $338 million and a total output of $1.3 billion.

Two flight training schools operate on the airfield. And when you add the Elite Airways operation, corporate flight activity, charter services and recreational flying, Vero Beach’s airport ranks as the seventh busiest in the state and 41st in the nation, as of 2019.

The aviation and non-aviation concerns that function on airport property provide a steady stream of income for the airport and the city and churn the billion-plus dollars back into the community.

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